41st Mycotoxin Workshop, Lisbon, Portugal, 2019

How to get there

Subway (Metro) – Red line; Station “Moscavide” – 600 m; Station “Oriente” – 1000 m

Each ticket costs 1,50 €. The Metro only offers fares charged in contactless cards (7 colinas or Viva Viagem cards), which you can use to charge several tickets of a single type of fare. When you charge the card for the first time, it is necessary to buy the card, which costs 0.50 € and is valid for one year. During this period, the card can be charged and reused.


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Aerial view of venue, with subway stations Moscavide and Oriente:


Main entrance:


From the Lisbon international Airport (Aeroporto Humberto Delgado) to Nations Park:

    - By taxi – 10 min
    - By subway (Metro) – 2 or 3 stations